Sunday, March 27, 2011

Life is Beautiful - Video launch - Wrap up

Okay, I have been busy since the finish of our last event. Before I tell you what I have been busy with I would like to say that the video launch was a huge success. Apart from managing to raise over $3,600 dollars we also received the most encouraging, beautiful and positive feedback. One thing we did forget to do was to take photos because we were all extremely busy on the night. Which is how it should be. If I can find a photo I will try and put that up for your viewing pleasure ;)

In the meantime I have given two presentations about my experience in Cambodia to staff at World Vision Australia and the overwhelming response from that has been incredible. People have begun sharing their stories with me and it's amazing to experience. We have definitely managed to gather more supporters for our cause.

I am also busy at university and cannot wait for that to be over ;)

We have two events with definite dates coming up so keep them free.

The first is on SUN 10th April at E55 Elizabeth Street Melbourne. Its time to dance, party and change the world.

The second is on TUE 17th May at Sun Theatre, Yarraville. It will be a movie night plus more activities.

Finally, I have been busy organising our next Campaign to be launched in June. Wait for the details, it will be an amazing launch.

Oh and how can I forget. I'm also writing a book. Everything about it is top secret at the moment. But like everything else I do, I hope you are going to love it.


***I did manage to find a photo, this is a picture of my mum. Its the earliest photo I have of her and I use it during my presentations***

***And below some more from the night, although mostly behind the scenes stuff***


  1. Can't wait to read your book!!

  2. Hi Joy!I cant wait to get it done. Its taking me forever. I have a deadline and now the world knows so I have no excuses ;)