Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Join Team BabyTree Angkor Wat International Half Marathon...

Hi Babytreers!

If this isn't on your bucket list yet, then it should be. Tick it off now!

Join Team BabyTree in running the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon in Seam Reap Cambodia Dec 4th 2011.

Built over 800 years ago, Angkor Wat is the world's largest religious monument and at its height, was the capital of the Khmer empire with a population of over 1 million people (London at the same time had a population of 80,000). But Angkor Wat wasn't the only temple built then, sprawled through the forest and jungles are countless other equally breathtaking temples with their own story to tell.

You will be running through these hallowed grounds where god-kings once ruled and where magic and mystique still pervades if you are lucky enough to be able to perceive it.

Team BabyTree will be raising funds for BabyTree of course and the Australian Cancer Research Foundation. We hope to raise $10,000AUD.

If you are even slightly interested then click here to read up on all the cost/details on their website.

For the map and route click here.

For a description and photos of some of the temples you will get to see click here.

For more information on Angkor Wat click here.

If after reading all this you would like to join Team BabyTree then email with your Qs: info@babytreeprojects.org

Places are limited so you need to make up your mind fast. So far the amazing team includes:

Toly Saly
Carlos Pereira
Georgii Speakman
Steven Salsberg
Koky Saly

Training has already started in Melbourne. Even if you can't do the run you can still train with us.

Run like mad - Change the world.



  1. Yes it's true...training has started and its brutal...but its worth it!

  2. It's totally brutal but think of the body you will have afterwards.

  3. Hey Koky,

    I love the idea of a half marathon... can I decide later than July 5th to ba a part of the BTP team?


  4. Hi Grace! I emailed you about this I think. But just in case, you can decide later but places may fill up quickly. Our volunteer on the ground says that eventhough the website states a closing date of 17th of November for registering it will probably close a lot earlier depending on how many people register. Places are filling fast. You just run the risk of not being able to register and participate in the event. You can take your chances ;)

  5. Koky I think you are sexy and I just dont know if I am sexy enough to join the marathon? What should I do? Can I wear a thong?

  6. Hello Anonymous! Thank you for yuour compliment. I think you should join the marathon anyway and you will become really sexy. Yes, thongs are allowed. When you say thongs, you mean footwear, yes?