Sunday, December 13, 2009

The first weekend

Okay so this post will be in point form because I don't want to forget anything and also I dont want to write a boring essay.

* I went to Big Hole Village and met two of the teachers and all the kids. The children are extremely shy, but i have been told that they will open up quite fast. By the end of my visit they were slowly talking and interacting with me, Cha and the builders. I cant wait for the volunteers to meet them.

* The volunteers hut is well...a real hut. Definitely not 5-star or 1 star for that matter. Ive been told that the holes in the floor means nothing. Even big foreigners wont fall through.

* There is currently a grasshopper problem at night. Not sure how the volunteers are going to handle being attacked by grasshoppers while trying to cook and eat at night.

* Ive been told that there are scorpions and snakes. Scorpions live underground so you shouldn't go barefoot.

* There is a village witch doctor that can deal with snake bites and stuff. There is also a "hospital" 20km away.

* The volunteers will have access to 3 bikes to use.

* The toilets are NOT built yet!!!

* We have a personal driver yippee!!!

* There are ducks and 1 pig living in the volunteers back yard.

* We are told not to eat them.

* Cooking area is still not sorted.

* Bizarrely, a traveling troupe of tranvesites spotted us in the local market and followed us to the village. They wanted to perform their "act"and party in the village. Thats how they make their money. Crazy!!!

* Today, i was actually working as a salesman driving to rural markets to help a friend. My product to sell, Tampons. Yes its true. I sold 24 tampons!?!

* I have been bitten by lots of mosquitoes and other insects. My ankles are swollen.

* I met my cousins today too ;)

* Thats all for now. Sorry no photos. Internet here is so slow :(


  1. Did you have to demonstrate how to use tampons?


  2. oooh how educational....