Thursday, December 24, 2009

The First Week in Cambodia

Hello Everyone!!!

We had just spent the first week in Big Hole village and it was incredible! and working on the construction site is very very hard. At the moment we have Kent, Kelly B, Grace, Toly, Chea and myself. In the back of our hut we have a pig we call Boganvillia because she is like the flower and she is also a bit of a bogan. She is pink and fat and hopefully we can take her for a walk and stuff. There are always cows and ducks and chickens everywhere. My favourite chicken is a mother chicken who I have named Pamela. Pamela has 9 chicks two of which are very distinct and we have called them JaRule and Eminem. JaRule is tougher and always picks on Eminem.

The teachers have been very helpful to us and dealing with the local police has been very interesting.

Every morning we wake up at 5.30am and cook breakfast and then ride our bikes or walk to work. The fresh air and the stars has been invigorating.

Wish i had photos of Jarule, Pamela and Eminem but cant upload anything yet.

The volunteers are getting along really well. No major fights just minor skirmishes. Kelly eats a lot and doesn't really walk much. Grace almost hurt a child and herself while moving a mountain of dirt. Toly talks better Khmer than me, whatever! I am just myself, enjoying village life and the people and everything around me. It is very nice to be away from all this technology.

We have game going on called Cambodia's biggest loser, like the weight loss tv show.

Here are the Pre-Cambodia weights along with weight after one week! As you can see By the weight loss I obviously work the hardest!

Kent: 96 to 95kg
Grace: 63 to 63kg
Kelly: 70 to 69kg
Toly: 62 to 61kg
Koky: 65 to 62kg

So far I am winning which is the way it should be. Going vegetarian and working hard on a construction site really does burn fat.

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